Founded in 2019

Our Story

Canna Haus Farms is a family owned and operated cannabis farm located in Mayville, Wisconsin. Our focus is growing high quality cannabis that’s rich in CBD, while low in THC. By growing in organic living soil, we’re able to give our plants the best possible environment to flourish in. Healthy plants mean robust cannabinoid profiles and tasty, terpene-rich products. From seed to shelf, we control every step of the process to ensure that you have the best possible experience. 

Solventless Extraction

Our Process

Solventless rosin is a cannabis extract made without the use of harsh chemicals and solvents. By applying heat and pressure, we’re able to create a full-spectrum oil while retaining terpenes and essential cannabinoids from the cannabis plant. Preserving the terpenes, cannabinoids, fats and lipids translates into a naturally potent concentration of CBD in our rosin. This solventless process maintains every active ingredient within the plant, allowing you to experience the “entourage effect.”