Orange Glaze | Pre-Rolls



Crafted with organic CBD hemp flower grown in living soil, our pre-rolls are rolled to perfection with 100% hand trimmed flower. Each pack contains 7 pre-rolls, each containing 0.5g of ground flower. Sealed in mylar bags for long lasting freshness.

This mouth watering variety is exactly what you would picture, smelling of sugary sweet citrus this cultivar boasts bright orange pistils and terpene rich trichomes. The terpenes are loud on the Orange Glaze, packing generous amounts of Mycrene, Caryophyllene, and Limonene. Structurally the Orange Glaze appears short and broad, displaying large dense flowers towards maturity. 

7 pieces in stock


Labs : Potency & Terpene Analysis

7 : 0.5gram pre-rolls
• Hand Trimmed Flower
Grown in organic living soil
• Slow Cured
• Ships in sealed mylar bag
• 3rd Party Tested for Purity and Legal Compliance
• No chemicals or pesticides
• Cultivated in Mayville, WI

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