What is Organic Living Soil? Everything You Need to Know.

If you’re a long-time CBD consumer, or even just beginning, by now you know that there’s a wide range of quality from product to product and brand to brand. That’s because there’s no one way to cultivate hemp for extraction. Plants can be grown indoors or outdoors, with soil or without soil, by the masses or in small batches.  

Because each of these factors influences the overall quality of the CBD product you choose to consume, it's critical to understand the distinctions. So, here, we’ll be going in-depth on living organic soil and what it means for hemp crops and CBD extracts. 

Continue reading for your ultimate guide to living soil facts and how organic cannabis grows produce the highest quality. 

The Soil Is Alive? 

Living organic soil refers to soil that specifically nurtures “microbial life." Over time, it’s been discovered that plants and microbials like fungi, bacteria, and protozoa have a symbiotic relationship. With natural microbials in living soil, the soil is able to make its own “soil food web” that feeds the plants in exchange for things like carbon and sugar being released into the soil. Hence, the cycle of the microbes' and plants' synergy. 

When this type of inner ecosystem is supported, plants, like hemp plants, often require fewer outside or inorganic sources of food and pesticides to combat common issues. Living soil also supports a healthier root system in comparison to other mediums. If you didn't know, healthy roots equal happy plants, which in turn equals the most optimal growth quality. Even more, due to the organic nature of cultivation, living soil hemp is one of the most holistic ways to consume the plant. 

Of course, this type of inner ecosystem also takes work. This is one reason not every commercial-sized operation can reap the benefits of living soils. It’s also one reason why you should seek out hemp CBD producers who can use organic, living soil, knowing you’ll get to experience true, small-batch, all-organic hemp extracts. 

So, to learn more about the benefits of super soil for cannabis and hemp CBD consumables specifically, keep reading. 

The Benefits of Super Soil for Cannabis

To stay hip on why consumers may choose extracts from hemp grown in living soils, here’s a list of benefits you should know. 

  • Living soil is eco-friendly - Many consumers now increasingly seek out brands that prioritize eco-friendly practices, and work towards reducing their carbon footprint. If you were to do so in hemp or CBD extracts, you should seek out brands who use living soil as it’s recyclable, and reduces the amount of waste produced by cultivators. It also reduces the amount of nutrients, which in turn, reduces the amount of bottles and other containers needed by facilities and operations, too. 
  • Fights off pests naturally - Because living soil produces its own unique ecosystem of beneficial microbes, it allows plants to fight off common pests more naturally. This reduces the chance of cultivators using harmful pesticides to fight off infestations. Considering there are no requirements, or regulations on the type of pesticides that hemp cultivators use, seeking out producers that use living soil is key for knowing the product you consumer is as organic and natural as can be. 
  • Improves taste - By using less inputs, and allowing plants to grow more naturally, not only can terpene levels be enhanced, but taste is less tainted. When feeding plants or using pest management sprays or additives, growers often perform a “flush” at the end of the plant’s cycle to ‘flush’ out salts, and leftover feeds. That means, depending on if this flush is done, or not, or how well it’s done can affect the plant’s taste too. When using living soils, flushing isn’t necessary meaning its expressions of cannabinoids and terpenes are at their peak and most natural levels. 
  • Smoother smoke - Another benefit of less inputs is a smoother smoke when inhaling flower or pre-rolls. 
  • Increased potency - The highest plant expression doesn’t just mean the flower or hemp extract will taste better; it also means it can be more potent or richer in cannabinoids. Terpenes are proving to have their own unique effects as well as a synergistic relationship with cannabinoids. The entourage effect is the phenomenon of terpenes and cannabinoids amplifying one another’s effects. When it comes to amplifying the effects of hemp, the more the merrier. The entourage effect can be achieved with either full-spectrum or broad-spectrum hemp extracts, since both are made from the whole plant. Full-spectrum cannabis contains up to.3% THC, whereas broad-spectrum cannabis does not. 

  • Whether you’re consuming hemp extracts, flower, or pre-rolls, every product can benefit from organic cannabis growing. From taste to quality, and similar to a dish or meal you’re cooking, the end-result can only be as good as the ingredients that go into it. 

    So, now that you’re a better informed CBD consumer, you can seek out these qualities in the type or brand of CBD you choose. 

    Organic Cannabis Grows: The Final Word 

    The clean food movement is growing for good reason as US consumers become more conscious of what they put into their bodies. So it’s no surprise that consumers are also increasingly seeking “clean weed” and organic cannabis grows that produce high-quality, pure hemp extracts. 

    Because there is nothing more natural than tapping into Mother Nature's own medicine and experiencing it in its most natural form. 

    If you’re one of these consumers, you’re in the right place. Canna Haus is the midwest’s premier small-batch, artisanal hemp cultivator, producing clean, living soil-grown crops for extraction. Experience the solventless, organic difference with our collection of consumables. Shop flower, edibles, pre-rolls, tinctures, and more now!

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