Solventless CBD Extraction 101 - The Top Benefits & Ultimate Guide

When you first start exploring the benefits of CBD, you quickly realize one thing. Not all CBD products, or brands, can be treated the same. From the way the plants are grown to processed, harvested to extracted, each manufacturer utilizes its own unique techniques. What’s most important to know, is the way in which CBD oils and goods are made, can affect your experience and wellness desires. 

For all of these reasons, and more, solventless CBD is trending among consumers from coast to coast. Why? ‌Solventless CBD extraction is one of the purest, most all-natural methods for extracting beneficial compounds from organically grown hemp plants. So, if you’re interested in harnessing the raw plant power of hemp - what is the best form of CBD, and why are solventless extracts now trending? 

Here we’ll answer those questions and more in our ultimate guide to solventless extraction. Keep reading to learn everything you need to know, and how to achieve unadulterated hemp extract effects.  

How is CBD Extracted? 

Before we get into the benefits of solventless CBD extraction, first, let’s better understand the extraction process in general. To start, it’s important to know that all CBD oils and goods are made from extracting the essential oils produced by hemp plants. Over the course of 4-8 months, cultivators nurture and tend to the plants to keep them in optimal health. In the end, hoping for the most optimal output of beneficial cannabinoids, terpenes, and other various phytonutrients. 

But this process right here is where CBD brands begin to differ. Some manufacturers are not involved with the cultivation of plants, nor are they aware of how they’ve been cared for. Because hemp plants can vary in quality depending on how they’re grown, high-quality CBD goods start from a high-quality hemp source. To be an informed consumer, it’s always best to know the initial source of your CBD product, to see if it’s organically grown, outsourced from shady wholesalers, or handled by local farmers from seed to sale. 

From harvesting, plants are processed for extraction - so the end result can only be as good as the initial input. But another factor that impacts the end product type and quality is the way in which the oil is extracted. Today, there’s a wide range of processes used to extract the resinous glands of the plant. These extraction techniques are most commonly classified by two types of methods - solvent-based and solventless. So, what’s the difference, and how does that step in the process affect the products you choose to consume? Let’s dive deep into both, next.  

Solventless vs Solvent Extraction 

The CBD extraction process is designed to agitate or isolate the trichomes from hemp plants. These trichomes are the crystal-like glands found on the outside of hemp buds, that contain the plant’s terpenes, and cannabinoids. The same sticky-icky crystals that are synonymous with top-shelf cannabis or hemp. 

To do so, extractors can use solventless or solvent-based extraction processes. With solvent-based extractions, some type of solvent is used to wash away the trichomes and separate them from plant material. The most common solvents used are butane, ethanol, and propane, which right off the bat sound like substances no one would want to consume. While extraction technology has advanced for purging these solvents from the final end-product, solvents can still be left in the product meant for consumption. 

On the other hand, solventless CBD extraction uses a more natural approach to separate the precious oils from hemp plants. Solventless oil extraction implements a process of heat and pressure to naturally release the resin from the hemp material. In doing so, consumers are treated to the pure, clean, and complete essence of the high-quality grown hemp plants we previously discussed. 

The terminology that’s been given to solventless CBD-extracted goods, is ‘rosin’. As the CBD industry evolves, you’re beginning to see CBD rosin products on the shelf more and more. Next, let’s discover the true rosin difference and why it’s being hailed as one of the healthiest ways to consume CBD. 

What is CBD Rosin?  

Put simply, CBD rosin refers to any CBD extract that’s manufactured with the solventless extraction technology of heat and pressure. It’s highly popular among consumers who seek out non-toxic goods, and who are conscious of the way in which their consumables (like CBD) are processed. 

With CBD rosin, you’re also able to harness the whole-plant benefits of hemp. See, during solvent-based extraction, it’s common for many terpenes, minor cannabinoids, and flavonoids to not survive the high-stress processes. So, in the end, solvent-based CBD extractions lose out on compounds that enhance the ‘entourage effect’ of hemp benefits. 

If you didn’t know - the entourage effect is scientific terminology for the phenomenon of cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids working synergistically to amplify one another’s effects. I.e., producing a more profound and beneficial experience for the end-consumer. 

Of course, most CBD manufacturers continue to use solvent-based extraction methods due to how time-consuming the solventless process can be. Meaning, brands that are committed to producing solventless extractions put the time, effort, and care into each product to ensure it’s the best of the best. That’s what makes CBD rosin, and other solventless extractions that much higher quality than other products readily found today.  As well, as making solventless goods the top-tier option for CBD and hemp connoisseurs alike. 

So before we go, or if you’re still on the fence - we’ll finish our ultimate guide with the top benefits of solventless CBD.

The Benefits of Solventless CBD 

To get back to the question of ‘why is solventless CBD trending’, it all comes down to its plethora of benefits.  Below, are the top advantages of consuming solventless CBD goods - 

  • Clean, unrefined CBD extracts - There’s no other way to put it - solventless extracts are the cleanest, and most unrefined way to harness hemp’s natural plant power for healing. All other forms of extraction use some type of solvent to isolate plant compounds, which disrupts the way in which the plant was meant to be consumed. 
  • Zero chance of harmful leftover solvent residue - No solvents = no leftover solvent residue that can be harmful to consume. This is especially important, considering there is no regulation or requirement for testing or quality standards set, for the US hemp and CBD industry. With that said, if you do happen to purchase a solvent-based extract, be sure it comes along with a COA or Certificate of Analysis to prove it is free of harmful contaminations. 
  • Full-spectrum and whole plant profile - CBD experts agree, using whole-plant therapeutics vs CBD alone is ‘radically’ different’. In fact, Eloise Theisen RN, director of the American Cannabis Nurses Association, says bluntly “Whole plant medicine is the only way to go.” With solventless CBD, you’re not only consuming the full spectrum of the whole-plant profile of compounds but at higher levels in comparison to other extraction methods. That means CBD rosin and other solventless CBD extracts are the most profound for hemp’s health and wellness effects. 
  • An organic alternative - As harmful ingredients, and processes used to make our everyday consumables come to light… there are increasingly more consumers turning to organic alternatives for the daily items they use and consume. CBD extracts are no different. Outside of smoking, and inhaling pure hemp flower, solventless extracts serve as the second most organic method of consumption. So, if you’re an organic conscious consumer, then solvent CBD goods are for you. 
  • Maximized flavor - Since solventless extraction processes can better preserve hemp’s terpenes and flavonoids, consumers are treated to maximum flavor. In fact, strain-specific extracts often taste exactly similar to how you’d imagine hemp flower to taste. But, not every consumer is down for the raw taste of hemp flower. That’s why many solventless CBD oils are flavored with natural ingredients to improve taste while maintaining and preserving the plant’s integrity. 

  • All in all, you can see just why solventless extracts are the cream of the crop in the CBD industry. For these benefits, and for the level of care, it takes to intentionally craft solventless CBD goods, keep in mind they do tend to come at a higher cost. In the same way that unprocessed, organic, or farm-to-table food, dishes, and dining would too. 

    But think of it this way - by purchasing lower quality solvent-based CBD extracts (that lose out on potency!), you often need to consume more to achieve the same powerful effects of the solventless versions. 

    Solventless CBD Extraction - The Bottom Line 

    Now that you’ve learned the full 411 on solventless CBD extraction, you’re probably wondering - how can I try my own solventless CBD oil? At Canna Haus Farms, we pride ourselves on producing the cleanest, purest CBD goods extracted not only from the highest-quality plants but with the most innovative solventless extraction technology. 

    A modern twist, on an old-school, all-natural way of healing, our collection of solventless extracts is intentionally crafted to optimize the full benefits of the hemp plant. Get to know more about our Midwest roots, or experience the solventless difference by trying Canna Haus Farms’ CBD line, today. 

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